You own a hair salon. The next Ted Gibson, case study help

Case scenario:

You own a hair salon.  The next Ted Gibson (
is your friend, and wants to work at your salon.  However, Jake, your friend, is only 14 years old.  He looks like he is 27 though.  You decide to hire him anyhow, and offer him $500 for each client that he works for that pays $950.00 to your salon per haircut.

Business is booming.  Angelina Jolie comes to the store and offers you $3,000.00 if Jake cuts your hair.  You set up and appointment, and Jake cuts Angelina’s hair at your salon. 
After Jake is done, he says “Not bad for a 14 year old” to Angelina.  Angelina is outrages by your use of child labor and refuses to pay.

Question One:  Do you have an valid employment contract with Jake?
Question Two:  Do you have a valid contract with Angelina Jolie, and does she have to pay you?

In your answer make sure to discuss each element of a contract and whether it is or is not satisfied.

Refer to Chapters 13, 14, and 15 of your etext for more detail.

Please answer the questions directly and fully.  Explain your answer, and why the answer is correct.

Please make sure to use proper grammar, spelling, and proof read.  Cite where you received each of your answers.