write five essays, Communications Assignment Homework Help (each of essay should be 1-2 pages)

Don’t write together, seperate those five essay…. each of essay should be 1-2 pages long. 

Essay 1: Discuss the primary discourse in Season 1 (or more of you have watched them) in the Newsroom. How are these discourses articulated via character, plot, and semiotics?

Essay 2 : Discuss the use of semiotics in the E.R episode “Hell and High water,” specifically how do they articulate Dr. Ross’s hero’s journey. Be sure to address the stages of the journey as well as the use of cinematography, line, direction, angle, color, casting, movement, etc.

Essay 3: Discuss the transmedia characteristics of either the Marvel franchise ot the new editions of the Star Wars franchise. Use internet research for resources for this essay.

Essay 4: Discuss the significance of the broadcast mini-series. How didi the format contribute to broadcast programming? what specific mini-series were key contributors? What is the longterm impact of this format?

Essay 5: Watch the drama of the China Beach (pick anyone episode), discuss how the semiotics, plot, character and dialogue articulated the primary discourses of that episode.