Write a 3000 words leadership topic peper, management homework help

Requirement 1: Leadership topic 2: at least 3000 words

3. Specific Requirment 

You need a leadership issue, with ethical facets, and anchor your thought concretely in a real leader.

There certainly are no shortages of issues or leaders. To jog your thought, let me suggest four leaders

from different fields, each of which faces a different set of issues. Yesterday was the birthday of Thiomas

Hobbes (born 1588). He arguably was the catalyst of a vast area of intellectual development and debate

that culminated in the work Kant centuries later. Can’t a philosopher be a leader? Interestingly, most of

the well known early philosophers were also men with practical responsibilities and influence. How did

this thoughtful focus shape their leadership?

Yesterday was also the birthday of Booker T. Washington, the famous educator and leader of Tuskegee.

Many of you may find him a fascinating fellow.

What of the arts? Bette Davis also shares the birthday. While almost inimitable, her style was groundbreaking.

She has been an inspiration to generations in the performing arts. 

The list of possible issues and leaders would seem endless. Get on with it!