Write a 3 page case analysis about leadership, management homework help

Select one of the following Case Studies 13.1, 13.2, or 13.3.  (Pages 314-316)

Use the guidelines below to draft your analysis of the case.

Guidelines for Case Study

  1. Brief introductory or problem synopsis
  2. Stakeholders or parties of interest involved
  3. Critical issues or key findings/observations
  4. Propose 2-3 possible alternatives for solving the problem
  5. One Recommendation based on the aforementioned alternatives. Note: Be sure to mention why the selected recommendation is the best option. Include any theoretical or academic support to validate your recommended proposal.

*Note: The questions at the end of each case are thought provoking. However, I prefer for the format of your analysis to be presented as listed above.

Here is the textbook:

Leadership Theory and Practice 7th – Peter G. Northouse.pdf