What to Do to Rejuvenate the Company’s Growth

  1. Read Case # 5 (in your textbook), “Panera Bread Company in 2015: What to Do to Rejuvenate the Company’s Growth?” and perform the following analysis:
    1. What are the chief elements of Panera Bread’s strategy? (25 pts)
    2. Perform a SWOT analysis for Panera Bread. Does the company has any core competencies or distinctive competencies? (25 pts)
    3. Perform financial/performance analysis of the company based on the data in the case for 2009-2014 period. (30 pts)
    4. What strategic issues or problems does Panera Bread management need to address? ? What are your recommendations to address those issues/problems to top management? (20 pts)

    Chapters 4 and 5 of your text provide detailed discussion of topics/tools that you would need to know in order to complete this assignment. Also, Appendix on pages 228-229 is useful to address question #3.

  2. easy words and easy sentences. every point should be written. and you can imitation my friend’s formal and some contents.
  3. and you should research the book:Gamble, J.; and Peteraf, M. A.;Thompson, A. A.; (2017). Essentials of Strategic Management: The Quest for Competitive Advantage, 5th Ed. McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN: 978-1-259-54698-3.