What is the bussiness process and analyze its information system, accounting homework help

This project requires you to select a business and analyze part of its accounting information system. You will focus on a selected business process, develop conclusions from your observations, and address the requirements using the information we covered in class.
1. Select and research a business that you are familiar with. Report on one process such as sales, purchases, payroll, fixed asset acquisitions, inventory, etc.
2. Prepare an outline of your project. It should include bullet points describing each requirement, organized as the final project will be organized. (This is due in Week 5.)
3. Study the information system, using various tools that will be covered in this course (i.e. flowcharts, risk assessments, control matrices, etc.).
4. Prepare and submit your report.
Paper Content:
1. Brief summary of business selected (e.g., industry, organizational structure, purpose, number of employees, revenues, etc.)
2. Overview of component of company’s AIS selected (e.g., what does it accomplish for the company, accounting cycle, number of employees involved, manual vs. automated)
3. Process flowchart
4. Risk assessment
5. Control matrix of key controls
6. Summary assessment of results (what did company do right/wrong, what needs improvement and how to improve)
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
 Be 8-10 pages in length.
 Be formatted according to APA Requirements.
 Cite at least three scholarly sources,