What is capital structure, Finance and Business homework help

Explain in detail:

1.  What is capital structure, and how do corporate decisions involving capital structure impact the value of a business?

2.  What is Free Cash Flow, how is it measured, and how does corporate management of it impact the value of a business?

3.  How do Merger and Acquisition (M&A) decisions impact the value of a business?  Please answer this question from the perspective of both the acquiring firm shareholders and the selling firm shareholders.  In addition, explain how value is created or destroyed in M&A.

4.  What is a cash distribution decision, and how does it impact the value of a business?  Be sure to explain the advantages and disadvantages of dividends, open market share repurchases, fixed-price share repurchases and Dutch auction share repurchases.

5.  What is the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and how do you calculate it?  Why is the determination of an accurate WACC important for a business?  Finally, please explain the CAPM formula, including how to calculate each of its components…and, please explain the difference between a levered beta and an unlevered beta.