what is bureaucracy?, management assignment help

This Assignment is for Human Resource subject.

Assignment Q: Examine weather bureaucracy and Fordism continue to be relevant forms of organizational design.


-Explanation of Human Resource in general. (250 word)

*Body: (2000 word)

-Definition of bureaucracy .

-the management before bureaucracy:

  • Organizational Design and Organizational structure.
  • The management and the managerial behavior.


– the management after bureaucracy.

-the post bureaucracy:

  • The changes of Organizational structure.
  • What impacts that makes Organization to move from bureaucracy to post bureaucracy.

After that

-How all that changes effect the Human Resource Management.


-A summary of what has been covered. (250 words)

  • *Notice !! two important things required to be included in the assignment “citation and references” Harvard Style, stirling university. All the Information should be from real Articles and Books.