Ways to use coconut oil, informative speech outline, assignment help

First presentation ever, being timed must reach 5-5 1/2 min. Need help getting my brain going. Please fill out these 6 bullets as stated in a simple yet informative way possible, please! *for college communications class*

-I am doing it on ways to use coconut oil. Here is what i think will be the best to get through this scary nerve-wracking speech with great tips (if you have any recommendations to make easier please contribute)

Please include at least 4-5 RELIABLE sources (NOT wikipedia, blogs, etc)  I will include to back up my information when presenting. 

the “body” i will be revising and tweaking around, just need a idea on how it should be done and what info i should have.

  • 1. Oil Pulling
  • 2. Coconut Oil + Sea Salt Scrub
  • 3. Skin Soother
  • 4. Leave-In Conditioner
  • 5. Coconut Coffee
  • 6.! Coconut oil is also a great massage oil.
  • 7. Serum Sealer:
  • 9. Cooking
  • 10. Sticker Gunk Remover