Watching a movie and analyzing the leadership style and approach, Management Assignment Homework Help

5-7 pages. Watching a movie from the list and analyzing the leadership style, approach and etc. I will attach the detailed description of the paper and materials needed to write it. 

Watch the movie of your choice and analyze the leadership that you see there using the lens of the material discussed in class. Some subject areas to consider are leadership styles, leadership behaviors, leadership roles played, personality and leadership traits and their role in shaping behavior, attitudes, power and its proper use, political behavior and its effect, etc. Your final product should present the leader-character in light of the material discussed in class.

i would prefer devil wear’s prada. 

  1. The Last Castle (R)                                  19. Miracle (PG-13)
  2. Crimson Tide (R)                                      20. Bridge Over the River Kwai (PG)
  3. Courage Under Fire (R)                             21. Saving Private Ryan (R)
  4. A Few Good Men (R)                               22. Twelve Angry Men (PG)
  5. The King’s Speech (R)                             23. Hoosiers (PG)
  6. The Queen (PG-13)                                  24. Invictus (PG-13)
  7. Glory (R)                                                 25. Apollo 13 (PG)
  8. Freedom Writers (PG-13)                         26. Amazing Grace (PG-13)
  9. The Great Debaters (PG-13)                    27. Chariots of Fire (PG)
  10. The Iron Lady (PG-13)                             28. Taps (PG)
  11. Pay It Forward (PG-13)                            29. Schindler’s List (R)
  12. The Hunt for Red October (PG)                30. The Glory Road (PG)
  13. Braveheart (R)                                        31. Black Hawk Down (R)
  14. Dave (PG-13)                                         32. Band of Brothers (Series)
  15. Remember the Titans (PG-13)                 33. Men of Honor (R)
  16. Dead Poets Society (PG)                        34. The Last Samurai (R)
  17. Finding Forrester (PG-13)                        35. The Patriot (R)
  18. We Were Soldiers (R)                             36. The Devil Wears Prada (PG-13)