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This written assignment involves research on the internet.

I would also encourage you to read the information and then summarize it in your own words.

Under no circumstances should you copy and paste directly from a website unless you cite it correctly. Also changing/replacing a word in a sentence is still plagiarism. For instance: a website says – “Consequently, trade has increased substantially”. You write: “Trade has increased substantially”, OR, “Consequently, trade has increased a lot”. These are both examples of plagiarism and are not permitted – please see the syllabus and student code of conduct for more information.

If you are in doubt, ask before you submit.

Write the required number of words (see below), double-spaced and an identification header in the upper left hand corner (make sure the header appears on all pages not just the first one).

Question: The Northwest Seaport Alliance is important because of two major threats to the ports of Tacoma and Seattle. These are the Port of Prince Rupert and the Panama Canal expansion.

1. In 150 to 200 words, explain what the Port of Prince Rupert is and why it is a threat to the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle.

2. In 150 to 200 words, explain what the Panama Canal expansion is and why it is a threat to the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle.

3. In 150 to 200 words, explain how the Northwest Seaport Alliance will help the Ports involved stay competitive. Then, explain whether or not you think this is a good strategy and why you think that. If you do not think it is a good strategy, explain why, and suggest an alternative strategy. Consider this: it is good to have opinions, and your paper should included a thesis statement – but strengthen the statement of your opinion by backing it up with facts.