Think of a public organization with which you are familiar, business and finance homework help


Think of a public organization with which you are familiar. Explain how it differs from a private company in terms of the following:

  1. Nature of its service.
  2. Relationship between its budget and collective bargaining processes.
  3. Bargaining structure and decision-making processes.
  4. Negotiable issues and bargaining tactics.
  5. The right to strike.


Are current legal remedies for bad faith bargaining adequate to promote compliance with the LMRA’s goal of good faith bargaining? Why or why not? What recommendations would you suggest for improving compliance with the goal of promoting good faith bargaining?


Which type of pension plan would you prefer to be covered under (i.e., defined benefit, defined contribution, or cash balance) and why, if you were an employee? An employer?


How did World War II and the National War Labor Board greatly expand the use of arbitration?