The Changing Family System, assignment help

PART 1  Debate It: Schools should do more to teach and instill moral values in students. Justify your response.
Explain at least two (2) roles that different parenting styles play in shaping the overall behavior of children. Indicate the significant impact that each role has in contributing to delinquent behavior among juveniles.

PART 2    Please respond to following statement be sure to included at least one question in your response:

My answer after consideration is  neutral neither yes or no. I think moral values as a juvenile should come from the family who is raising the child everyones family is different so i don’t think a teacher can or should tell a juvenile what there doing isn’t morally right or wrong. A Teacher in my opinion should be open and set a classroom environment that is hospitable for unbiased learning teachers around America are already underpaid we shouldn’t be adding on more responsibilities to their already challenging workload.