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Synthesis is a completely different creature from summarization.  When a student or researcher summarizes previous studies or works, a general restatement of the previous author’s work is given without any significant detail of analysis to other studies or discipline concepts.  A synthesis requires an author or student to meld analysis and evaluation of multiple previous works (D’Urso, 2016).  Synthesis springs from a researchers informed intuition about uncertainties in a particular topic (Anderson, 2006).  When constructing synthesis, a researcher develops concepts underpinning the identified topic, critically analyzing the concepts from various other study perspectives (D’Urso, 2016).  Thoughtful synthesis includes comparison and analysis of key concepts from seminal works within and without the subject discipline (D’Urso, 2016).  Substantive synthesis should be built upon gaps in previous research and should be used to argue or defend, analytically, the researcher’s proffered thesis.  In sum, synthesis requires a writer to possess a deep, working knowledge of the substantive literature on the chosen topic and to draw from previous work the concepts required to set forth the author’s new concept.