Sydco is in the bowling ball industry Accounting Question, homework help

Sydco is in the bowling ball industry and you are interviewing for a position as chief accountant in their Dallas office. In order to assure the management staff that you are qualified for the job, one of the tasks they have asked you to do is an evaluation of useful data into a form that can be used by all of management. You have been given the following information:

Sydo Summary

Gross Income

 $  360

Depreciation Expense

 $  81

Tax Rate


After Tax Cost of Capital


Operating Income

 $  30

Interest Expense

 $  8

Current Assets

 $  196

Net Plant and Equipment

 $  126

Current Liabilities

 $  87

What was net income for the period?

  • What was the company’s net operating profit after tax?
  • What was the company’s operating cash flows?
  • What was the company’s net cash flow?
  • How would you assess the firm’s financial condition, assuming these numbers are accurate?