SWOT Analysis: Opportunities of your Organization

Research and thoroughly explain at least TWO major opportunities of the organization. Discuss why these opportunities are present and what can be done to seize on them. Many of you have probably heard the saying, “when opportunity knocks, you better be ready to answer!” You should write a minimum of at least one full paragraph for each of the opportunities presented. Be sure you use relevant business theories, concepts, and practices to support the statements and findings. Note that bullet points are not acceptable.

Each of these opportunities must come from a force or forces occurring within a dimension of the general environment within the organization’s external environment (keep in mind an opportunity can stem from more than one dimension within the general environment). Be sure to include in your analysis the relevant dimension of the general environment from which each of these forces is derived.

Factors to consider when you think about company opportunities:

  • Finding unfulfilled customer needs that will support and increase company loyalty and increase the consumer base, allowing the company to grow and expand.
  • Utilizing new technology, both hardware and software, to reach more potential customers. This includes social media.
  • Staying informed about the ever-changing laws and regulations that can provide an increased consumer base along with increased company profits.

Use resources to properly cite your work: