Supply Chain, Discussion 3 help

Use the attached course material to support your ideas.

Please cite sources.


  • Corporate Greenhouse Gas Accounting: Carbon Footprint Analysis, HBSP UV2027 (17 pgs)

Purpose: The purpose of this discussion is to raise your level of awareness and bridge our in-class lessons with the “real world.”

  • Why do you think there is a such a large discrepancy between the amount of green energy purchased and used?
  • In your projections, did you have an optimistic, neutral, or pessimistic take on what the company will do in terms of green energy? What is your rationale for this view?
  • Do you think it is likely that companies will close the gap between the green energy that they purchase and the green energy that they use?
  • Are companies in some industries are more likely to close the gap than companies in other industries? If so, which industries and why? If not, why not?
  • Are there incentives (financial or otherwise) for companies to use non-renewable energy? Is there a way to change the incentive structure so that companies use more green energy?