Sum the Article in 2-3 sentence then answer the questions as followed, homework help

Sum the Article in 2-3 sentence then answer the questions as followed, homework help

David Drickhamer, former editorial research 

 director for Industry Week magazine, told about a 

stop he made to buy lunch for his hungry child. 

They were running errands, so Drickhamer 

pulled into the drive-through lane of a fast-food 


 The customer experience began when Drickhamer pulled up to the ordering station and heard 

a recorded message urging him to try the chain’s 

new chicken sandwich. He ordered a child’s meal 

featuring chicken pieces and a dipping sauce. 

 Drickhamer drove up to the cashier’s window. 

Jon, the cashier, asked him to please wait while he 

left to get new batteries for the headset through 

which he received orders. Jon returned a minute 

later and requested payment—but for the wrong 

total amount. While he had been away getting the 

batteries, two more orders had come in, so Jon 

tried to figure out how to make his computer 

return to Drickhamer’s order. Jon apologized and 

called for a supervisor to help. The supervisor 

walked over and wordlessly corrected the order 

on the computer. Jon took the payment and made 

change as he entered the next customer’s order. 

 Drickhamer pulled up to the next window to 

receive his food. There, a woman named Mary 

asked his choice of dipping sauce. He replied 

“None” as he looked inside the bag. Seeing that 

no napkins were included (even though this was 

a child’s meal that usually comes with a sauce), he 

requested napkins—twice. She, like Jon, was 

wearing a headset and didn’t reply. 

 Drickhamer remained at the pickup window, 

waiting for napkins. A few seconds later, the window opened again. A third employee was there, 

ready with the next customer’s order. Drickhamer 

repeated his request for napkins. The third 

 employee handed over the napkins, and Drickhamer drove away with a contented passenger in 

the backseat. 

 1. What forms does quality take in a fast-food 

restaurant? That is, what aspects of the food, 

service, atmosphere, and so on do you consider to be acceptable in terms of quality, and 

what would exceed your expectations? 

 2. Productivity efforts in a fast-food restaurant 

often involve behind-the-scenes work in the 

kitchen. But in describing his experience, 

Drickhamer emphasizes that in a service business, production includes interactions with 

the customer. Identify one or two places in 

this case study where productivity could 

have been better. 

 3. Working alone or in a group, draw a diagram 

of the work process described in this case 

study. In your diagram, show what materials 

each employee needed, as well as what each 

employee provided to the customer. Evaluate 

where the process could be improved, based 

on the information given and any experiences 

you have with fast-food restaurants. Finally, 

prepare a list of actions to improve the quality 

and productivity of this work process. As 

 directed by your instructor, submit the diagram and list as a written report or present 

your findings to the class.

Certo, Samuel (2015-01-23). Supervision: Concepts and Skill-Building (Page 59). McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Kindle Edition. 

Certo, Samuel (2015-01-23). Supervision: Concepts and Skill-Building (Page 58). McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Kindle Edition. 

Minimum of 500 words.

Document your work by citing from the textbook. Use direct quotes. You may quote from the chapter in which the case study is located, and you can quote from previous chapters. It is essential that you back up what you say with what you have learned from the text. This is not an exercise in expressing your opinion. You must use what you have learned.