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Title to use: How To Earn $250 A Day By Tutoring Online

Sub-headers to use:

1)Foundation for success (note: talk about the requirements that your need and what type of environment people should have set up around them)
2)Choose Your Destination  (note: pick 3 tutoring sites and include Studypool as one of them)
3)Building a long lasting network(note: mention things like being honest, turning in quality work, not leaving students hanging ETC )
4)Hustle!(note: mention the hustle mentality tutors need in order to earn good money)

*the notes are examples, and not necessarily directions on what you have to talk about. Just be yourself as if you were writing this out to a family member 🙂

Specs: at least 500-700 words


We’re looking for a writer to blog a post for Studypool.This will be an official blog post, posted on other websites. It should be written as anews/blog/articlepiece (not as a school assignment).Remember to be %100 casual and personalize your writing.

Read ourDo’s and Don’tsfirst. We’d highly considering experienced blog writers, or have a background in blogging out articles.