Strategic Management, assignment help

You helped me a year ago on a report and I wanted to see if you are available again to help.  I am attaching the old paper to refresh your memory.  It was external factors on Amazon.  This one would need to be internal factors for Spirit Airlines and would need to have the following completed.  Take a look and let me know if you can help.  I would need the sources cited in APA format and the reference page provided.  Look at the 4 items I need and let me know which ones you can complete or if you can complete all 4.  The one I would need the soonest is the financial information and you actually do not have to write anything but provide me the information and explain what I need.  I have already done lots of work on this but it is the ratio analysis that I need the most help in.


Marketing and Distribution – What methods of marketing does your firm use? What advertising media is preferred? How is the product moved to the market? How large is the sales force? Has market share been increasing? Etc.

Finance and Accounting – What is the current financial situation of the firm (liquidity, debt, activity, etc.)? What is the firm’s policy on capital investment? Analyze recent balance sheets, income statements, and perform ratio analysis (be sure to discuss how each ratio has changed over time, how does it compare to the industry norms, and how does each compare with key competitors). I AM MOST CONCERNED WITH THE FINANCIALS BEING CORRECT AND IF YOU CANNOT DO THIS SECTION THAT IS FINE.

Production and Operations – What procedures or manufacturing systems do you use that give you a strength or weakness as compared to the competition? Are your employees skilled or unskilled? How much money is spent on maintenance of skills and machinery?

Management Information Systems – Do adequate data and information systems exist? Does information flow well within the organization? Is there a qualified CIO or director of information systems? Are data updated regularly? Etc.