Starbucks, Organizational Psychology assignment help


Using Starbucks as a basis for this assignment, please complete an essay of 800 -900 words or so for the following assignment below.

Use the questions below to analyze issues related to group/teamwork and stress and the work–life balance in your chosen organization.

Include answers to the following questions in your paper:

  • What roles do power and influence play in teams?
  • Consider the following:
    • Peer pressure/groupthink
    • Role of conflict, competition, and collaboration
  • How do the power and influence effect the individual?
  • What are some workplace stressors associated with teamwork?
  • How might the team help or hinder an individual in dealing with stress? (Examples: missed deadlines, poor performance by members, social loafers, emotional support, etc.)
  • What work–life balance considerations may occur when working in teams? What work–life arrangements or benefits would be most helpful, and why?
  • How might the team help or hinder the work–life balance? (Examples: deadline pressures, job-sharing, virtual team meetings, etc.)

Include 1–2 scholarly resources in APA format to support your answer.

Review this Scholarly Sources document to learn more about proper APA citations and sources.