Squeezable Mayo vs Ramekin, Marketing Presentation help

Hellmans.pptxFOH Pitch Deck – 2015.pptxundefinedMayo Case Study.doc

POWER POINT PRESENTATION needed ASAP (Please see attached document Mayo case study for instructions)

What we need to focus on is communicating the value of the mayo as premium condiment to gourmet lunch items.
I envision a comparison slide where I show a picture of the back of the house distributor mayo and the Hellmann’s mayo. Tag line says: when its gourmet you want to know what goes on top.
Add bullet items that showcase the value proposition specifically for millennial group.
Breakout the value slides into three: millennial, families, baby boomers. But use same format for each. Image of the demographic group, why they would use the product, and selling point.

You can use the slides I give you (please see attached) in order of the sell. Start with the situation, some consumer insights on the product, features and benefits of the product and then why it benefits the account. Then finalize the action plan for the 2 week test in two stores but, I would pitch all stores first with hope to get the objective of 2 stores. Those first two paragraphs explain everything you need to do/sell.

The other two attachments are (1)slides with consumer insights, product features & benefits and incentives to support why the account should use my Mayo versus the competitor. The other power point presentation is what I started on and can’t complete 🙁