School District Assignment


School District Assignment

Successful districts know that the closer people can get to their local schools, the more they will support them.  They don’t overlook the neighborhood school when planning public relations efforts. For this assignment, you will engage in a critical analysis of school districts that have developed effective public relations campaigns.

Analyze four different school districts using their websites that display quality examples of successful communication.  This may include how the school district handled a particular event, how they promote a district initiative, public relations, philosophy etc.  I want you to identify why these districts were successful in their public relations campaign.  Defend your arguments by identifying and discussing the SEVEN elements that promotes widespread community support.  Those elements are:

¢  Leadership

¢  Teachers and Staff

¢  School Facility

¢  School communications

¢  Parents

¢  Business

¢  Voters with no children

More specifically, describe how each school district addressed these elements and why you think each element contributed to their success.  Finally, compare and contrast the four district s and determine which of the four has been most effective in their communication with constituents.