Scenario Paper Hiring and Promotion, business and finance homework help

Using Chapter 6 of Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting & Orienting New Employees (5) by  Diane Arthur, create a 5 page report concerning CapraTeks hiring and promoting practices.  


While planning for expansion, CapraTek is also concerned about its hiring and promotion practices at existing facilities. Management has asked for an analysis of the workforce in its flagship manufacturing facility. As a member of the human resources department, you know that CapraTek hires production workers at a semi-skilled level, and after one year in their position, workers are eligible to apply for a six-month training after which they can be promoted to the skilled production worker level. (This promotion comes with a 25 percent pay increase.) In addition, all line supervisors have been promoted from the ranks of the skilled production workers.


Using what you know about CapraTek’s hiring and promotion practices, prepare a report for top management addressing the following: 

  • Analyze the data for evidence of adverse impact using the 4/5ths rule. Consider the applicant flow.
  • Analyze the data for evidence of adverse impact of employee utilization based on the relevant labor market for the state you chose in Assessment 1.
  • Analyze the data for evidence of adverse impact on any protected class concentrated in lower-paying jobs.
  • Assess CapraTek’s hiring and promotion practices to support its growth strategy.
  • Write 4–5 typed, double-spaced pages (not including title page or references).
  • Use Times New Roman font, 12 point.
  • Include a title page and, if needed, a reference page.