RedRocks Consulting, Management Information help

Filtering RedRocks Consulting Contributions RedRocks Consulting is a large computer consulting firm in Denver, Colorado. Don McCubbrey, the CEO and founder of the firm, is well-known for his philanthropic efforts. He believes that many of his employees also contribute to nonprofit organizations and wants to reward them for their efforts while encouraging others to contribute to charities. He started a program in which RedRocks Consulting matches 50 percent of each donation an employee makes to the charity of his or her choice. The only guidelines are that the charity must be a nonprofit organization and the firm’s donation per employee may not exceed $500 a year. Don has started an Excel file, T3_RedRocks_Data.xls, to record the firm’s donations. Included in this file are the dates the request for a donation was submitted, the employee’s name and ID number, the name of the charity, the dollar amount contributed by the firm, and the date the contribution was sent. Don wants you to help him create several worksheets with the following criteria: 

1. One worksheet that sorts the list alphabetically by organization and then by employee’s last name. 

2. One worksheet that totals the contribution made per employee for the month of December. 

 3. One worksheet that sorts the list by donation value by lowest amount to highest amount.