Recruitment Tools for U.S. Companies, management homework help

Option #1: Recruitment Tools for U.S. Companies

View CASE 2-2 TALEO SAAS FOR HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT from your textbook (linked to your course module). Conduct research on SaaS. Additional information can be found here:

In an essay, answer the following questions based on your reading:

  1. What recruitment tools can companies use to attract, hire, and integrate talented individuals into the company culture?
  2. What performance-management tools can companies use to evaluate employees and plan their growth and eventual replacement?

Provide information from your readings to support your statements. Your well-written essay should be 2-3 pages in length and should incorporate at least two academic sources 

Make sure to address all topics directly and explicitly. Use headings to identify each section for greater clarity, and use APA-formatted citations and references for any sources you use or quote. Please create the response as simple essay with appropriate conclusion.

  • Inline citations are must and plagiarism policy is strict.
  • Include at least two scholarly references