Quantitative analysis Course MBA, Business & finance Homework Help

I need assignments done for my Quantitative analysis Course in My MBA .so please be a quant expert .There are 3 assignments i want to be Done A1 ,A2 and A3 (x2). A1 is a group project so one for me and my friend together . A2 is a group project and a presentation so i will need a power point presentation for the A2 and last is the A3 assignment where it is an individual assignment where i need 2 pairs for this assignment where 1 is for me and 1 for my friend. So 4 assignments in total (a1)1+(a2)1+(a3)2= 4… to make things easier i will attach past assignments for this projects where you can see from them what is needed and you can use same charts and same topics ….so you can just rewrite the whole thing(Just a suggestion but do what ever you want as long as the job is done ) because  i will have to turn it in for the class. So please check it for plagiarism.