Project Business Process Of GM

Analysis of the business process of General Motors

Analysis of the factors contributing the success of GM

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Chapter 1 (2-5 pages)

 I – Introduction/Background Info (two-five pages)

a.Write about the brief history of Auto manufacturing in general and GM in particular

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b. Problem statement (half  a page)

General Motors is one of the largest car manufacturing in the world with over xxx brands. However the company failed for bankruptcy due to several reason. The company was rescued by the US government and was forced to restructure its production approach. The purpose of this research study is to analyze how the company struggled to maintain its identity and stay competitive in the global market.

Iii – Research questions

1.How is GM strategy affects its global presence?

2.What are the main factors for GM to lose its focus?

3.How is the trend in the market


H0: The business process reengineering effort to improve quality, delivery time, and affordability helped GM to revive  

H1The business process reengineering effort to improve quality, delivery time, and affordability did not helpe GM to revive  (You may have more than one hypothesis)

v.Theoretical framework, model  (1-5 pages)

1.Pick your theory

1.Theory of supply and demand

2.Theory of marketing

3.Quality management theory ( check)

4.Theory of competitiveness ( check)

vi.Expected outcome

 What do you expect from this research?

a.Chapter 2_Literature Review (10-15 Pages at least)  – a few peer review journal articles from  or other sources

I. Past The history and evolution of xxx

II.Present – Current –Challenges in exploring the filed ( cost, complexities, implementation, training  competitive advantage, culture, power ….)

III.Future – Trends in addressing these issues

IV. Annotated Bibliography

Pick five peer –review journal article and write 2-3 paragraph summarizing your understanding of the paper.

(  Little Analysis)How other researchers managed to provide information on this topic (compare/contrast/analyze/ )

V.Expand the theoretical framework from chapter one (optional)

b.Chapter 3_Research Method – Case Studies /Comparative analysis (between different)/Qualitative or Quantitative Study/ Trend Analysis 

 Define what QS

I.Identify your population /define sampling/sampling framework

II.Develop questionnaires and send using email/survey monkey/Facebook

– Data collection procedures

II.Source of your data – secondary/primary

I.Analysis techniques –

a.Regression/cluster/simply causal/

NO PAPER IS DUE – submit draft to the GTA


INCLUDE ABSTRACT (all should be written in future tense)

Part two

Chapter 4_Data Collection and Analysis (15 pages at least)

I. Identify your population

II.Collect your data

III.Identify sources/Analysis (secondary – peer review, web, government reports,, books, and other sources

IV.Lots of tables charts and graphs

V.Use analysis techniques to evaluate your data – graphs, charts, any additional techniques

d.Chapter 5_Recommendations /and or/ Conclusion (1-3 pages)

I.Provide highlights of what you found in

II.Accept or reject hypothesis – give explanations

III.Lessons learned from the study

IV.Limitations of the study


I.At least 5- 10 peer-reviewed articles, and other resources

II.Should be in APA format (GTA will provide introduction and additional information