Please answer the following questions.

Please answer the following questions.

Read the Chapter 11 Case Study: “CHILDREN THE FINAL FRONTIER FOR CELL PHONES” page 448 of actual file/page 145 of .pdf file

(Answer each question in 300-350 words)


1. Summarize the key facts of the case. What are the critical issues being presented here?


2. How might collective decision making play a role in the decision to buy a cell phone for a young child? Provide a possible scenario for this decision including the five decision making roles in your example. (Five decision making roles are problem solving, information search, evaluation of alternatives, product choice, and outcomes.)

3. Discuss the family life cycle and current trends that impact the marketing of cell phones to children.


4. How might Samsung market their cell phones to children as a primary market, an influence market, and a future market? Provide a specific example for each.

*NOTE: Please answer each question with the minimum word count noted above. Review attachment on page 448 of the actual file (page 145 of .pdf file) and answer each question thoroughly.  Place answers underneath each question so I know how to break it down, total of 4 questions. Use APA format to include in-text citations and a reference page. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.