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Performance Evaluation Assignment

Much research has been conducted on the effectiveness of the evaluation process that many employers use. This is an especially interesting topic because, in many instances, an employee’s performance evaluation is linked to pay raises, promotions, demotions, etc. For instance, some may have performance evaluations annually (if at all) and often, information presented on professional strengths and weaknesses is limited.


Review Chapter 11 in the text. Select one of the Performance Appraisal Methods listed in the chapter (Management by objectives (MBO), 360-degree feedback ,Graphic rating scale, BARS, Critical-incident appraisal, Essay appraisal, Checklist, Forced-choice rating, Ranking methods, Work standards approach ) and conduct scholarly research on the method of your choosing. Using the library databases, find peer-reviewed articles that present information on the chosen performance appraisal method.

The written component of this assignment should be a minimum of 3 full pages (not including the title and reference pages) and should be cited and formatted according to APA Style (see the APA template, as well as additional APA resources included in the Orientation Module).

Additional information:

  • See the link to a Library Research Tutorial. Be sure to review how to find peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles. World Wide Web articles will not be accepted.
  • The paper must be written in third person. (See the “First.Second.Third Person Handout” in the Orientation Module.)
  • Direct quotes are NOT permitted.