Organizational Behavior in the Workplace, accounting homework help

Write a 350- to 700-word summary of what you have learned about Organizational Behavior from your current readings. Include the following in your summary: 

  • Explain the connection between organizational behavior and your selected job skills from the matrix.
  • Discuss how these job skills can lead to improved job performance.
  • Explain how Organizational Behavior can aid you in decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Predict the consequences of unethical behavior in the workplace. 

Here is Your Outline:

Introduction – Define organizational behavior.  Set up paper with a thesis (no fist person). Sample: In this paper, the author will share 3-5 job skills, explain how the connect to OB, discuss how they lead to improved performance, explain how OB is linked to decision making and problem solving and predict at least 3 consequences of ethical behavior.

Paragraph 1 – Subheading – Jenny’s Job Skills and their connection to OB

Paragraph 2 – Subheading – Jenny’s Job Skills linked to Performance

Paragraph 3 – Subheading – OB is linked to Decision Making and Problem Solving

Paragraph 4- Subheading – Consequences of Unethical Behavior

Conclusion – What is your take away from this?