oculture and customs, management homework help 2~4 pages work

oculture and customs, management homework help 2~4 pages work

There is no page limit for this assignment but this is not intended to be 30 pages long either. I am expecting 2 to 4 pages.  Cover each of the topics but do it concisely, not exhaustively.  I am aware you only have limited time this week to complete this.  In reality, this would be a task that would take weeks to complete if done in detail, I will keep that in mind. I am mostly concerned that you understand the content of the materials that are needed in the package. 

·     Expatriate packages should include the elements listed below.

oculture and customs

obusiness etiquette

oequitable compensation (taxes)

omoving allowance


ochildren’s education

ohome visits


·     Must be in APA format.

Us  Use credible resources and provide the citations for them- See Parker’s article from the Supplementary Reading as a start.

·     Have fun with this assignment!

Attach completed Expat Packet to the assignments box.

I have prepared a fake expatriate packet for a fake company and employee that you can review for information sake. I do not expect this kind of detail and length  in yours; just stick to the topics requested.