Newspaper Publication, Communication Assignment Help

Objectives to be Achieved: 

Correctly select, plan, and compose a letter.

Participate in effective written business discussion with peers. 

Assignment: Formulate and submit a letter to the editor of the …or….  To receive full credit, the letter must be published in the newspaper or online. 

Assignment Instructions: Write a letter to the editor of the Troy Messenger or the Tropolitan with related to topics relevant to the citizens of W city or W University.  Be creative when choosing your topics, but keep them relevant to the community as a whole.  You will want your letter to be selected for publication, so be attentive to detail regarding formatting and editing.  Do not submit a letter to the newspaper staff that has not been proofed and properly edited.

My topic is suggest building the road where aroud the city. The W university is very important to the W city. There are not too many road only for walking even though lots of students do not have a car. Many students feel bored and inconvienet because there are nothing to do without a car. If there are more walking road, lots of things would be changed. Those no car students, especially international students, can do many things by themselves.