Network Topologies, powerpoint presentation help

The PowerPoint Project involves creating a NEW presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. You must submit the completed PowerPoint presentation file to your Assignments Folder in our online classroom, following the directions included below:

Assignment Requirements

 Select a topic from the chart below.

Storage Devices

Communication Devices

Information Systems

System Unit

Input Devices

System Software

Application Software

Computer Networks

Network Topologies




Internet Services

Computer Hardware

Software Piracy

Collaboration Options

Managing Database Objects

Object Linking and Embedding

Advanced Database and Data Management

Integrating Microsoft Office Applications

Your PowerPoint presentation must include ALL of the required elements listed below:

REQUIRED (All elements are required) (*grading/rubric/scale/points is listed after each item, total 100 points, 15% of overall grade):

    1. Number of Slides: 20 slides. Gradated penalty for too less or too many slides. This means that the more slides you are away from 20 slides, the more points will be deducted. Slides = 20 points.
    2. Clip Art: Add two Clip Art images appropriate for the presentation. You must also include one animated Clip (GIF) in addition to the two Clip Art images. The images must look professional (not cartoonish, pixilated, or poorly designed). Therefore you must have a total of three images in your presentation. No slide should contain more than one image. = 4 points.
    3. Title, Outline, and Summary Slides: Begin your presentation with a Title slide. Note: An Outline (beginning, such as slide 2), and Summary Slide (near the end) reviews all the topics in a presentation. Use the summary slide to recap presentation. = 6 points.
    4. Custom Table: Include one Custom Table created in PowerPoint. = 3 points.
    5. Animation: Include one animated Excel chart. The actual elements of the chart must animate (e.g., individual bars of a bar chart displaying one after the other), not the chart itself (e.g., the chart moving across the screen). Only one other slide may contain slide animation in addition to the slide with the animated chart. = 3 points.
    6. Slide Transition: (applied to not more than two slides). = 2 points.
    7. Footer: Include the title of your presentation and your name in the footer, using the Slide Master feature (all slides except Slide 1). Your footer is required to be in the same location on every slide. = 2 points.
    8. Slide Numbering: All slides are automatically numbered except on Slide 1. = 2 points.
    9. Speaker’s Notes: Add appropriate speaker notes to every slide (Even slide 1 and the summary slide.) Type the exact words you would speak as if you were talking to the audience during the actual presentation (e.g., the title slide speaker’s notes would start off as “Hello, my name is John Doe. My presentation today is about _______.”). = 5 points.
    10. Hyperlink: Insert an appropriate hyperlink to an external Website. Clarification 2: Do not link to our online classroom. Use a word, phrase, or object to create the link. Do not use the URL as the link on the slide. = 2 points.
    11. Action Button: Include at least one Action Button. An Action Button is an interactive button that you create from the Shapes Gallery to perform a specific task. For example, you can create an Action Button to hyperlink to another slide in your presentation. = 2 points.
    12. SmartArt: Include at least one SmartArt Graphic. = 2 points.
    13. Background/Theme: Appropriate for the presentation. Clarification 3: An all-white background is not acceptable. Use creativity here, but your background color or design must not detract from the readability of the slides. A bad example would be using dark text against a dark background. Make sure the background and font colors are a good contrast. = 4 points.
    14. Layout and Design: Easy to read. Uncluttered. Appropriate font size (no more than 7 items to a line and no more than 7 lines to a slide — 7x 7 rule). Slide titles must be consistent (same color, font size, font type, and slide position). Font size for slide contents must not be less than size 24 pts. = 10 points.
    15. Sound: The presentation must include at least one sound clip (make sure the sound works and that the sound clip relates to the content of the slide). = 2 points.
    16. Slide Annotation: Include an annotation on any slide. = 3 points.
    17. Content: Information is included from the entire module. = 5 points.
    18. List: The presentation must contain at least one bulleted list, one numbered list, and one customized list. = 3 points.
    19. Slide Show: The slide show must be set up to use manual timing (on mouse click) = 4 points.
    20. File Name: The document is saved using the correct protocol (LastnameFirstinitial_PowerPoint Project. = 3 points.
    21. The document is free of typing/spelling errors. = 8 points.
    22. The contents of material on each slide is not copied verbatim from your sources (if you use sources in your work) = 5 points.

NOTE 1: All elements must fit the purpose and tone of the presentation.