Negotiation and conflict management, management homework help

first of all the major is Negotiation and conflict management so it’s gonna be between the psychology and the management try to find a job that related to psychology cuz my major is psychology so I will fell more comfortable talking about it

This assignment is to develop and deliver a 15-minute presentation on a job within the conflict management field.

This course is designed to assist students with exploring the professional roles and tasks of conflict practitioners; what they do, where they do it, and how they approach their work. The goal of this final assignment is for each student to define, explain, classify, categorize, and analyze a conflict management professional position.

Some of the key questions in this assignment, among others, are: 

  • What is this job? 

  • What experience or education does someone need to perform this job? 

  • What are the responsibilities of this job? 

  • Is this job recognized within the institutionalized conflict management field? 

You must focus on the tasks and specialized skills that qualify a person in that field to be a conflict management professional.  That is, this assignment is not to describe a particular person.  The assignment is to describe a professional position and its career path.  You can, for example, focus what a conflict management trainer does for a living, or what an ADR specialist in the federal government does, or what a police hostage negotiator does.  A friendly warning: this task cannot be performed only by searching the Internet.

I encourage you to interview someone with experience in and knowledge of the role you will be discussing.  Do not, however, make your presentation about this individual.  The presentation should be about his or her conflict management role as an example of a career track. 

  • Please be prepared to identify the subject of your presentation in class.

  • The order of presentations will be chosen by random assignment. 

  • The grade for this assignment will be calculated as follows: 70% for the slides and accompanying reference list and 30% for the presentation of the information.

  • Each presentation must be supported by at least five academic articles and additional literature.

  • The presentation must be no longer than 15 minutes, to be followed by questions and comments.

  • Students may use no more than 10 substantive slides for the presentation.  This total does not include the title slide and reference list. 

  • Slides will be judged on the quality and content of the information they include and the degree to which slides in a non-text format (graphics, charts, or self-created drawings) are incorporated into the presentation.

  • All students must upload their slides to Sakai by 9:00 p.m. the evening before their presentation.