Motivating by Goal Setting, management homework help

Motivating by Goal Setting

  • From your text (chapter 7) give an overview of goal setting theory and the key elements of the goal setting process.
  • Principle of committed to a purpose. How did Pikes Fish Market use this as a way to help people achieve their goals?
  • What principles of goal setting theory were related to what you saw occurring at Pikes?

Structuring jobs to make them interesting: Job Design (pgs. 186-187)

  • Summarize the basic concepts of core job dimensions (186). What specific examples did you see occurring at Pikes Market which showed how they included these dimensions in their work at Pikes?
  • Feedback: Why does everyone need to have a coach at Pikes? Give specific examples of how coaching and feedback “works” at Pikes (e.g. “why is stating your intention” when providing coaching important?).