Memorable Speech, communications homework help

Just type out the speech…I will video record.

Memorable Speech

I want to have some fun with this next assignment. Now that we’ve broken the ice with introductions, we can let down our guard just a bit and ease into conversational, extemporaneous delivery.

No matter where your life takes you, at some point you’ll engage in conversation with a stranger, a business partner, or a customer about a previous job, an unusual experience or even your family. It will be your opportunity to “wow” them with a good story.

For this assignment, let’s pretend that you’re in that situation, and you want to WOW us with a good story! This speech is simply a well told memoir from your life. It should be interesting, it can be entertaining – but ultimately, I want it to be a story that you’re familiar with and enjoy telling. Treat us as if we were friends at a round-table discussion, and you want to tell us something that you know we’ll enjoy.

NOTE: Please note that this speech will be used in part for Week 3 peer review assignment, so you will be asked to post your speech to this discussion forum, and you will be asked to return to this discussion forum in week three to select two of your classmates’ speeches to peer review.

A few parameters:

  1. Your speech should be 3-5 mins in length.
  2. Your speech should have a beginning, middle and an end. Introduce us to your situation, elaborate within the body, and conclude your tale
  3. Show enthusiasm and have fun with this assignment! Choose a story about an event that you have told before, one that was TRULY memorable.
  4. Be prepared. You may certainly write out your speech, but rehearse it so that you’re not reading your speech. Your eyes will indicate whether you’re talking to us or reading to us.