Mba520 Acct Finance

    Your final project for this class asks you to assume the role of a newly hired manager at a publicly traded global company. Your task is to perform a financial analysis to assess the past and current financial performance and create a financial projection for the next three years. Review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document found in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics folder, and in your initial post, answer the following prompts:

    1. Choose a publicly traded company, or a non-publicly traded organization if your instructor verifies that the organization has sufficient financial information available to complete the project.
    2. Provide a brief description of the company, including history and industry (or industries) in which it operates.
    3. Summarize at least two financial issues confronting your organization or the industry in which your organization operates, which you have found in the business media (e.g., Bloomberg, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist).

    Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Provide insight into potential outcomes or solutions to the issues facing their organizations.

    Discussions in this course are graded with the Discussion Board Rubric in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.

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