Marketing plan, assignment help

The Marketing plan will talk about Goldfish (snack) crackers company. it is need 10 pages. 

This Marketing plan includes:

The Customer Environment

  Who are the firm’s current and potential customers?

  Describe the important identifying characteristics of the firm’s current and potential customers:




  Product usage

  Identify the important players in the purchase process for the firm’s products:

  Purchasers (actual act of purchase)

  Users (actual product user)

  Influencers (influence the decision, make recommendations)

  Financial responsibility (who pays the bill?)

  What do customers do with the firm’s products?


  Purchase quantities and combinations

  Purchase of complementary products

  Purchase situations


  Characteristics of heavy users

  Characteristics of light users

  Consumption of complementary products

  Consumption situations


  Issues related to the creation of waste (garbage)

  Issues related to recycling

  Where do customers purchase the firm’s products?

  Identify the outlets (intermediaries) where the firm’s products are purchased:

  Store-based retailers

  Electronic retailers (Internet, television)

  Catalog retailers


  Wholesale outlets

  Direct from the firm

  Identify any trends in purchase patterns across these outlets (e.g., how e-commerce has changed the way the firm’s products are purchased).


  When do customers purchase the firm’s products?

  Under the firm’s control

  Promotional events (communication and price changes)

  Customer services (hours of operation, delivery)

  Not under the firm’s control

  Seasonal patterns

  Physical/social surroundings

  Time perceptions

  Competitive actions

  Why (and how) do customers select the firm’s products?

  Describe the basic benefits provided by the firm’s products relative to competing products:

  Describe the degree to which customers’ needs are being fulfilled by the firm’s products relative to competing products:

  Describe how customers’ needs are expected to change in the future.

  Describe the relative importance of transactional (short, one-time) vs. relational (long-term, ongoing) exchange processes when customers make a purchase:

  Why do potential customers not purchase the firm’s products?

  Identify the basic needs of noncustomers that are not being met by the firm’s products:

  Identify the features, benefits, and advantages of competing products that cause noncustomers to choose them over the firm’s products:

  Identify problems with the firm’s distribution, promotion, or pricing that cause noncustomers to look elsewhere: