Marketing (maximum 200 words)

Chapter 1 identified three basic criteria for analyzing website success: traffic, conversion, and revenue. While we’ll dig a lot deeper into these issues in future chapters, I wanted to get you started thinking about the importance of these criteria as you interact with various websites you’ll encounter throughout the term.

For this exercise, you need to visit . Enter the name of your favorite online shopping site in the “Discover…” to see the summary “analytics” for your selected site. (Note: If you don’t shop online, pick your favorite store that has an online shopping site and use that for this assignment).

Spend some time exploring the summary statistics/information available on SimilarWeb (NOTE, you do NOT need to pay for PRO access…just explore what’s available to you for free on the site).

To receive credit for this exercise, REPLY to THIS message and answer the following questions.

  1. What site did you explore for this assignment? Briefly explain why you chose that site?
  2. Using the Traffic Sources information, briefly analyze the success of your chosen site on the criterion of “traffic” discussed in the book.
  3. Look for the “Engagement” statistics. Note that “bounce rate” shows you the number of people who visit the site and leave without visiting another page. How might those Engagement statistics relate to the concepts of conversion and revenue discussed in the text?
  4. Briefly explain your feelings and reactions to this assignment and to what you learned about your selected company.