Marketing Assignment- MGT 123

Marketing Assignment

MGT 123 B

  Find an advertisement that you’ve seen that you think is effective:

  If it’s a commercial – find it on the company website, on YouTube, etc. and list the URL in your paper

  If it’s something in print – in a newspaper, magazine, on a website, etc. – print a copy and attach it to your paper

  If  it’s something audio – either find a wave file and send it to me, write down the URL where I can hear it, or copy down the text

  Read Chapters 11, 12 and 13 in your text and the article posted on BB:

  “Advertising Strategy,” Encyclopedia of Small Business; posted under articles

  Tell me your thoughts on this advertisement, incorporating things you learned while reading the text and the article (in a minimum of 2 pages, same guidelines as before – don’t game the page length requirements).  You should answer most, if not all, of these questions.

1.  Why did you select this example of an advertisement – what is it about the example that stood out to you?

2.  Who you think the target consumer is? (demographics, behaviors, needs/desires – be specific).  And why do you think they are targeting that consumer?

3.  How would you describe the product concept (described in the article)?  What kind of values do you think the product represents?

4.  Why do you think the company selected this communications media?  Would any other media (especially digital marketing or social networking if not already used) have been effective as well?

5.  What message does the advertising copy convey to the consumer?

6.  How has the advertiser incorporated consumer involvement via social media into the advertisement?

7.  Is there anything else you learned in your textbook or in the article that provided you with any insights on your ad, how it incorporates the 4 P’s, and why it is/isn’t effective?


100 points total

Followed paper guidelines

15 points

Analysis of advisement (per questions 1-6)

60 points

Incorporation of text/article information  (question 7)

25 points

This paper is due on Friday, April 1st by the end of class – no electronic copies – printed only, and late papers will have a 10 point per class deduction.  If you’re going to miss class you’d better figure out a way to get me a printed copy on time.