Market Data and Merit Program, need 11 to 12 pages

Phase III: Market Data and Merit Program—ungraded, but required draft  

In this phase, you will collect market data.

·  Market Data

·  What is the competition?

·  What are the local demographics for the immediate area?

·  What is the job market like for the kinds of skills you will need? How hard or easy will it be to recruit and retain employees?

·  Find market data on your positions online to assist you in determining a pay grade structure.  (see note below)

·  Establish a pay grade structure and pay grades for each position.

·  Set up pay grades with a minimum, midpoint, and maximum.

·  Explain how you set up your pay grades.

·  Assign pay grades to each position.

·  Performance Evaluations

·  Describe your performance evaluation.

·  Determine which type of performance evaluation you will use for each category of employees.

·  Design and include the performance appraisal forms that will support your system.

·  Develop a merit pay grid that supports your performance appraisal process. Explain the linkage from your performance appraisal to your merit system.

Note: The website  salary com offers a media wage for the geographic area you have designated. These median wages can serve as alternatives to actual survey data.