Law Questions needed answered

1. The U.S. Supreme Court held that due process of law required appointment of counsel for young, inexperienced, illiterate and indigent defendants in what capital case?

2. A person’s network of friends, relationships and other contacts is called?

3. _____________ theory holds that the administration of criminal justice reflects the unequal distribution of power in society.

4. In the 1970’s, in response to protests from civil rights groups, police departments began to replace the fleeing felon rule in favor of the ____________ rule

5. Which of the following is NOT cited in the text as a factor that helps explain the patterns of interactions between Hispanics and the police?

6. According to our class notes, there are a number of mechanisms that police departments can use to substantially reduce excessive force problems?

7. In the case of ____________ , the Supreme Judicial Court approved the use of force standard relating to deadly force in making an arrest.

8. The term, “driving while black” was coined to describe the practice of?

9. Which of the following is NOT a cited reason why college educated officers tend to generate fewer citizen complaints?