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The latest Census data confirm the findings of previous informal and formal surveys, which have gone some way towards indicating that these families represent a sizeable minority group. A 2001 Victorian community survey indicated that 21% of those surveyed reported that children were part of the relationship, with a further 41% expressing a desire for children in the future (Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, 2001). A 2005 study found that 19% of respondents had children, and a further 21% were planning to have children (McNair & Thomacos, 2005). The 2006 Australian Census figures indicated that 10% of same-sex families had dependent children living primarily with them. A much greater proportion (88%) of these children lived with lesbian couples, and 18% of lesbian couples had resident children, compared with 2% of male couples (Gorman-Murray, personal communication, 2010). The first decade of the 21st century witnessed the passing of legislation throughout Australia recognising same-sex families. These changes heralded the legal and social sanctioning of family structures falling outside the hetero-normative family unit.