Juvenile Delinquency Interventions

Juvenile Delinquency Interventions

From the e-Activity, examine the findings of the studies examining the effectiveness of Scared Straight programs and juvenile boot camps. In the face of these findings, indicate whether or not you believe such programs are effective deterrents of crime. Provide a rationale for your response.

Johnny Doe suffers from a disorder that impairs his interpersonal, affective, and behavior functions as a child. Doctors diagnosed Johnny as psychopathic. Describe the effects that this diagnosis may have on Johnny’s opportunities to receive appropriate rehabilitation services. Provide examples of the effects of this type of diagnosis to support your rationale.

Respond to this statement include at least on question in response:

Yes, i believe in the effectiveness of juvenile boot camps and scared straight programs as effective in deterring crimes. the purpose of a boot camp is to strip a person of selfish and bad behaviors and qualities and then to rebuild the individual through repetitive daily drills, school and physical activity.  no ones physically harming a child there teaching them to be productive and to follow the rules and for a problem child thats not a bad deal as compared to going to jail.

Scarred straight programs where they take a juvenile into an adult correctional facility i see it as a good thing too some kids think jail isn’t anything! and i guess by showing them first hand that it’s not a world for children by intimidation and empty threats, Hey what ever you have to do to keep a child from going to jail I’m Okay with it.