Job Rotation, management homework help

Job Rotation, management homework help

Based on Chs. 8 or 9 on Groups & Teams.

Job Rotation – If employees suffer from overroutinization of their work, one alternative is job rotation, or the periodic shifting of an employee from one task to another with similar skill requirements at the same organizational level (also called cross-training)

Implication Papers:

These papers will be based on the material from the chapter(s) we are covering that week. I want you to consider what “implications” the concepts in the assigned chapter have for you and to apply these concepts to your personal or work experiences.

Your paper should be based upon the material that is contained in the chapter, but should go beyond ‘well, isn’t that interesting’; it should imply something to you. Although there are multiple theories/concepts covered in a chapter, I am only asking you to pick one or two of these concepts to write the paper on.  It doesn’t matter which concept(s) you choose.

Please write approximately 1 single-spaced page using the following outline:

1. In your own words, briefly explain in a few sentences or a paragraph the one or two basic concept(s) from the textbook that relate to your experience and the implications that you will discuss in the paper.

2. Describe the real-life example(s) of how you have personally experienced the effects of this OB concept and/or how have you observed the effects when interacting with other people. Please be clear of which concept(s) you are illustrating.

3. Explain how the concept(s) applies to you (e.g. about the kind of organization you wish to join, about the skills you need to develop, about how this issue affect you and your generation, etc.). Of special interest is your insight/analysis of the experience/issue. This could include what you have learned and any advice you might have in dealing with these types of situations in the future.