IP Unit 5 Research Proposals, law homework help

  • Use the library, Internet, and other available resources to develop a 6–8 page research proposal that includes the following:

    • Introduction to your topic and related issues (variables)
    • Purpose statement
    • Literature review
    • Research question and hypothesis
    • The research methodology to be used
    • Any questionnaires, interview questions, or research tools that you intend to use
    • How your results will be measured and analyzed
    • How your results will be presented

  • Statement of the Problem (One paragraph – Tell the reader very quickly HERE is the problem, Be critical and concise)
  • Introduction (3-4 paragraphs – Introduce the topic, the problem, and why it is important. If your reader cannot see clearly why this research is important, you have not written it correctly). State your research question.
  • Literature Review (3-pages – Quickly summarize the history on the topic, and then move quickly into the current research. Your job here is to take all the reports, peer-reviewed journal articles, and additional research that has been done, summarize it, condense it, and give your reader the very key points. Of importance, the research you select should help frame your research. Meaning if you are looking at substance abuse and treatment programs, what has been done thus far, where are we seeing success, and where are we  seeing failure (why). THIS IS NOT A COPY AND PASTE OF THE ANNOTATED REFERENCES.
  • Method Section (Here you include your DV and IV, explain the method (qualitative, quantitative, mixed, action), why you used that method (how does the method help you answer your question), and discuss your sample (who would you interview, survey, have in a focus group, observe, etc).  State your research question AGAIN.

· References

 Remember you are only writing the first part of a research paper. You will not have findings or conclusions here. I tried to provide a help file that had at the very least an article for everyone to use. If you need help with research, just let me know, and remember Google Scholar is your best friend. See what is the most cited article in your topic, read it, then see who used that article. We call this cite mining and it is incredibly helpful.