Interview a partner Write a response

Choose someone with whom you have an important interpersonal relationship, and explore how you influence each other’s self-concepts.


  1. Interview your partner to discover how your words and deeds influence his or her self-concept. Identify specific incidents to illustrate these influences, and discuss which specific parts of the self-concept you have affected.
  2. Then, share with your partner how his or her behaviors have affected your self-concept. Again, be specific about identifying the incidents and the parts of your self-concept that were affected.
  3. Once you recognize the power you have to shape another’s self-concept, askyourselves what responsibility each of you has to treat the other person in a supportive manner when you are faced with delivering a potentially critical message.
  4. Based on the information exchanged so far, discuss whether you are satisfied with the way you have affected each other’s self-concepts.
  5. Identify any ways you could communicate more effectively.

Write a response that addresses each step of this process. Make sure to identify specific self-concept elements, ideas and theories as necessary, and be specific in your examples.

This assignment must be typed (essay format), submitted in the journal forum ( no file attachments), at a minimum250 words, 12pt Times New Roman font, using APA format for citations, edited and proofread for grammar.