International Human Resources Management, business and finance homework help

human capital is a company asset, but its not listed  on the balance sheet. it is all of the creative skills, knowledge, talents, and ability that embody employees. operating in a cross-cultural and diverse world, where people are crossing border in search of employment and experiences is the order today. Some companies tend to lack the knowledge that globalization is closing the gap on how we relate to other in the work place.

conduct a research on international or global International Human Resources Management Strategies/ or of a specific company.  what are some of the international or global challenges/strategies of International Human Resources Management within content of the ethnocentric, polycentric, geocentric and or region-centric. define each staffing approach and determine which approach may be more successful for an international or global company operating overseas- (based on culture). which one could lead to failure? which in your opinion seems to be the “right fit” for a global company today?

write a minimum of 3 full pages of text with 4-5 references in APA format. in text citation must be included. information must be within the past 5 years.

no Wikipedia, blogs with ads from yahoo, google,; or sites that challenge as they present a biased opinion.