Information Technology Supply chain Management task, assignment help

Hello. I have Information Technology and Supply Chain Management course, and I need help on Technical Research Proposal assignment. Firstly, My topic is about healthcare information System do it like  Technical Research Proposal, and it suppose to be  3 page{ No more} , you should use 10 sources to support it, and done before 3/27. Then, if a professor accepted I will need your help on doing Power Point slides related to the topic.. Also, I attach a copy of the assignment in this e-mail.I would clarify I am not sure if prof wont technical report about topic or technical research proposal. 

please i don’t want any % for cheating , do not copy paste , in your own words , if you do it perfectly i will work with you always and i will told my friends about you . I want take A full mark in this assignment as much as u can , i really appreciate  all your effort thank u. And tell me about the price for the proposal and the slide . i want unique work use chart pictures in the powerpoint you can search in slide share about the same topic to just get the idea.

veiw the link below